Smegma Licker
Does smegma have a taste that you could describe? Can circumcised men have smegma?

Have heard  some cut men with a lot of skin saying they get a big cheesy. But generally cut men cannot have smegma.

As for the taste, I just found it waxy and not particularly any taste.

Maybe others would like to answer this too.

Go try some yourself!

Being cut I can't make smegma it's a huge turn on and I want to try it what's it like it looks amazing

Smegma is the best :)

If you love the pics, you probably will get hooked on it after you try.

Go find some :D


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ummm, he was very clear that he’s ONLY into other uncut guys.


greeting the easter sunday sunrise with my cheesy cock


This is my cheese buddy in Atlanta (not the same guy from Atlanta who submitted pics recently).  We’re meeting up in Atlanta on May 17.  Any cheesy guys in Atlanta want to join us?  kik me @ skingames and maybe we can set up a smeg party at my hotel room that weekend.  The cheesier and smellier, the better.


The best ever cheese cock (not me)


damn! fuckin’ luv my cock smell! fuckin’ luv gettin’ wild over that stink! fuck yeah!

looking for someone to send me some cheesy cock pics and give me tips on making my own cock cheese 

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let me know you saw me here! ;)


Found cheese. 

Str8 Jamaican stud.

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Love this pic! So fucking hot!!
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day 5. finally got a lil’ dick cheese goin’ on. damn! thought it would me much more by now though. but i’m workin’ on it haha fuck yeah!

this guy’s cock has moved to the top of my list….why?  uncut, ginger, and smegma.  doesn’t get any better than that. “fuck yeah”.

I always laugh when I read his comments.  “fuck yeah” reminds me of that movie, Team America.  Google the theme song and you’ll understand why.


A lot of cheese!
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Huge and cheesy. My dream man :D
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